Artist info

Label: Self Released

Genre: Americana/alt-country

Hometown: Portland, OR

Influences: T Bone Burnett, Ray Charles, Bonnie Raitt

Sounds Like: Lake Street dive, Margo Price, Wilco


One Sentence: Sharlet Crooks' mix of classic country and blues enters a fresh and provocative frontier in modern Americana Music. 

Brief Description: As one of Portland’s newest bands, Sharlet Crooks has already captivated a loyal following with music that manages to sound both hauntingly familiar and effortlessly authentic. Reminiscent of Lake Street Dive mixed with Margo Price and Carly Simon, Corinne Sharlet’s soaring voice combined with Zach Hinkelman’s warm, blues guitar tones propels listeners into a fresh and provocative frontier in modern Americana music.


2018-09-06 07.56.12 1.jpg

Upcoming Shows

Feb 1st // Portland, OR // Secret Society

Selected Past Shows

Willamette Valley Music Fest // Eugene, OR

Alberta Rose Theater // Portland, OR

The Big Easy // Petaluma, CA

Bar Luxus // San Francisco, CA

Smiley’s Schooner Hotel // Bolinas, CA

Booking: sharletcrooks@gmail.com // Press: alex@publicdisplaypr.com