Sharlet Crooks embodies the sound of the modern romantic west. The Portland based, four-piece band began with songwriting duo, Corinne Sharlet and Zach Hinkelman in the early winter of 2017. Sharlet Crooks crafts a genre-bending sound they call ‘Desert Americana’ by combining melodic, soul-stirring vocals with warm, blues-laced guitar tones creating a listening experience that evokes the familiar sounds of Wilco and Alison Krauss while capturing a timelessness that speaks to listeners of every generation.

After years of songwriting, Corinne finally picked up the guitar in 2016 and started writing what would become the foundation of Sharlet Crooks’ first recordings. In search of a new music project, Zach was immediately drawn to Corinne’s original material and the two began to write together. Zach then reached out to bass player, Jordan Korach, to help the band develop their sound. Percussionist, Bevan Hurd joins the group as the final touch needed to create dynamic live performances. Sharlet Crooks plays shows regionally throughout the northwest.  



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